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How can I manage my account online?

You have access to helpful online resources that let you find out information about your FSA through the same website you use to manage your health plan. Just log in and click the Spending tab to quickly and easily view FSA information and manage your account anytime, from any computer or mobile device.  You can:

  • Review your most recent transactions and payments
  • View your processed debit card transactions, if applicable
  • Enter an online claim and send receipts electronically
  • Sign up to receive email alerts about account transactions

You can sign up to receive email alerts if you have added that option to your communication preferences from the Settings section on your member login page.  Once signed up, we’ll let you know each time account transactions are submitted, denied or processed.



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How can I tell how much I owe?

If your medical claim was submitted by your provider, you can view the out-of-pocket amounts you may still owe. Copays, deductibles or coinsurance amounts may be submitted to your FSA. Just log onto your member website. From the Claims tab, and click on the Pay Claim button to send the claim for processing from your FSA — it’s that easy.

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How can I get paid back for expenses not billed through my health plan?

If you paid for medical expense out of your own pocket, simply pay yourself back using your FSA account. If the medical expense is covered by your FSA (be sure to go online to check the list of covered services), log into your member website and click on the Spending tab. Click on the Submit New Claim button on the middle of the page, and fill in the requested information. After you enter your claim details, verify your expense by uploading an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Plan Activity Statement or other detailed receipt. You may also take a photo of your receipt from your mobile device; then, log into your account and attach it to your claim.



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Can I get reimbursed through direct deposit?

Yes, and it’s faster than waiting for a check! Make sure to sign up for direct deposit on your member website. On the Spending page, click on the Spending Account Settings link in the middle of the page, then click on the Edit Direct Deposit button to enter your bank information. You’ll just need your financial institution routing number and your account number. Then when you pay a provider, the money from your FSA will be electronically deposited back into your own checking account.


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Why do I need to send documentation of my claims?

The Internal Revenue Code and your plan require that you use your FSA for approved expenses only.  You can view a list of these expenses on your member website or at www.irs.gov.  You may need to provide documentation to prove that your medical claim is an approved expense before you are paid back from your FSA.

What kind of documentation do I need to send?
To make sure your expenses fall within the rules of the plan, submit an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Plan Activity Statement or other detailed receipt for your purchase.

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Is there a minimum amount for claims paid directly to me?

There is no minimum for direct deposit payments.  However, there is a $25 minimum if you are being reimbursed by paper check. If you have an approved claim for less than $25, that amount will be added to other approved transactions until you meet the minimum payment requirement for a paper check.

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What should I know about my FSA debit card?

Your Visa debit card should only be used to pay for expenses that are eligible and covered by your FSA.  To check the list of eligible expenses, from the Spending web pages on the member website, click on the Covered Expenses link in the left page navigation to view the detailed explanation and list of these approved expenses.

How to order additional cards for spouse or dependents:

You can request a total of four debit cards for you and your family members at no charge. Your first card will be sent to you automatically, and then you can order more cards at any time. Simply log into to your member website and follow the instructions on the Spending page using the Manage Debit Card links.


Why did I get a PIN?
All spending account debit card holders must have the option to select either a debit or credit transaction when using their cards at the point of sale. One PIN will be mailed to you, the cardholder. You can share this PIN with your spouse or dependents since the same PIN can be used for all cards associated with your account.

Can I withdraw cash using my debit card?
No, debit cards and PINs cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs or at the point of sale.

What to do if your debit card is lost or stolen or you forget your PIN: Report a lost or stolen debit card at your member website immediately and we’ll get a new card to you as quickly as possible.  You may reset your PIN on your member website.


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Why did I get a letter asking for debit card receipts?

The Internal Revenue Code requires that all transactions be verified. Usually when you use your debit card to pay a medical expense, this verification occurs automatically. But sometimes there’s not enough information available through the electronic transaction to prove that the expense is eligible under your plan. That’s when you receive a letter requesting additional information about your health expense purchase.  You just need to respond with the proper documentation – and you can even go online to upload the receipt. Or take a picture of your receipt with your mobile device, then log into your account and attach the image to your claim. 

And it’s best to do it quickly, as you will receive a follow-up letter if you don’t respond.  Your debit card may be inactivated until the information is received, as all FSA plans require that expenses are verified to make that sure they comply with the Internal Revenue Code.


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What happens if my debit card is lost or stolen?

Please report a lost or stolen debit card at your member website immediately and we’ll get a new card to you as quickly as possible. You may also reset your PIN on your member website.

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